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Product Description

Subaru Impreza STI (08+) TYPE THREE

Function and Form Autolife Inc. set out to give our customers an uncompromising coil-over system at new standards never seen before from this Southern California based company. The goal with the TYPE THREE is to make a coil-over that is at home on the street or the track. This coil-over meets the standards of some of the best performance vehicle platforms currently on the market, and also satisfies the customer that demands quality in the details. Something that is very important to us, and something that we take great pride in is releasing a product that can proudly wear the badge, made in the United States of America. This product is 100% made in the U.S.A!

We sought out some of the best companies and partners to create our flagship coil-over. Attention to detail is given to every unit produced, which is manufactured in limited quantity runs. This is a true quality over quantity approach. Shock tubes, pistons, and rods are just a few of the components all custom CNC'd right here in Southern California. World famous EIBACH ERS MOTORSPORT springs are used on every application, giving you a wide range of spring rate options available for fine tuning the TYPE THREE to your needs, anytime you choose. You can set it up for daily driving duties, and easily switch to your track set up of choice. If you should you need any attention to the TYPE THREE coilovers, they are serviced right here in our facility along with all of Function & Form products.Currently only applicable to Subaru Sti 2008-2013. Other applications are in the works!!!

Our mission was to accomplish something that was not only unexpected from Function and Form, which was to give our customers a product that they demanded at a standard that we demanded of ourselves. One thing that is still important to us is to ensure that the quality exceeded the price. A great bang for the buck product without compromising. This philosophy is something we pride ourselves on at Function and Form with every product we produce. We feel we have accomplished and surpassed our own goals with the release of the Type THREE's.

  • A wider range of height and Dampening Adjustability than any of our previous models.
  • Monotube Design for Street and Track Performance
  • Spring rates: Front 9k, Rear 10k
  • 46mm pistons
  • 7 way dampening in the front, 10 way dampening adjustment in the rear.
  • Spring Rates can be fine tuned to your liking with a Wide Range of Eibach Motorsport ERS Springs
  • Front Spherical Upper Bushing Mount on Subaru STI application. (Non-camber)
  • High level detail to Suspension Quality and Tuning
  • 100% Designed and Built in the United States of America
  • One Year Warranty
  • Sport inspired Rates of 500lb Front and 550lb Rear give your Subaru STI a balanced, agile, but street complaint ride.
  • Still ready to give you improved lap-times at the track.