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Product Description

Can't decide between conventional coil-overs or air suspension? Now offering ONAIR Conversion Kit Pre-Installed which allow you to have the best of both worlds. This 2-in-1 kit comes with a complete coil-over set along with all the required bags and brackets to switch from static to air ride with ease. Instead of being forced to choose, you can now have the privilege of owning both. Convert your coil-overs with the Aero Sport bags provided and find out which suits you better! This interchangeable set up not only provides great value but also gives you the luxury to choose both without having to permanently commit to one. Not sure which one you would like better? Now you can find out. Keep or remove any necessary parts to switch back and forth so that you can convert now or later. Coil-overs come with ONAIR Conversion Kits pre-installed.

  • (02-07) Subaru WRX
  • (04) Subaru STI
  • One year limited UAS warranty on bags and brackets
  • One year limited Function and Form Autolife Inc. warranty on coil-overs
  • Gives adjustable spring rate for better performance and handling
  • Aero Sport bags on all kits
  • All required parts for air conversion sold together in the kit
  • All components of coil-overs are single part replaceable
  • Brackets tailor made to fit Function and Form coil-overs
  • Ease of conversion from static to air ride
  • Just as simple to convert air ride back to static
  • Compatible with certain TYPE TWO and TYPE ONE applications
  • Offers capability to own a 2-in-1 kit
  • ONAIR Conversion Kit compatible with all air management systems
  • Fittings are included - fitting size must be specified**
  • Due to the nature of the Universal Airbag some minor modifications to the vehicle may be required to ensure airbag clearance.
  • Please call in for details at: (626) 407-0015
  • Air Management

    For ONAIR Management please go to the Products tab > ONAIR Management and choose your selection.